A report by an international animal welfare organization stated that police officers had taken nearly 150 cats to eastern China’s slaughterhouses.

Humane Society International (HSI), Tuesday’s statement, stated that the animals were found in rusty cages in Jinan, Shandong province.

An activist from the local animal rights group VShine said that a gang had put sparrows in cages to serve as bait. The traps were then closed using a remote control to shut them down as soon as each cat entered.

“It was shocking to see the state they were in, many of them emaciated and crying out,”A statement by HSI was made by an activist who didn’t give Huang their last name.

“Our discovery of dozens of live sparrows used as bait to lure the cats was also a big shock.”

According to the statement most of the rescued felines were household animals and were sent to shelters.

Activists also found 31 sparrows, which are a protected species of China, on the scene and released them into nature.

China doesn’t have any laws to prevent animal cruelty. However, they could penalize those suspected of hunting birds, property theft and violating animal epidemic prevention rules.

According to HSI China annually kills approximately 10,000,000 dogs, and 4,000,000 cats for human consumption.

China considers dog and cat meat to be a delicacy. Although the criminal gangs still make a lot of money from the trade in their flesh, there has been a steady decline in pet ownership.

In southern China, the Yulin dog-meat festival is held in June. You can buy live cats and dogs.

Traditions of eating dogs and cats in Guangdong, Guangxi, Guangxi, Guangxi Provinces south China date back thousands of years.

“These are China’s two main cat meat eating hotspots,”Dr Peter Li is HSI China policy expert and made the statement via a statement.

“Throughout the rest of mainland China, cat meat is not part of the food culture at all.”

The Covid-19 outbreak appears to have further lowered the desire for dog or cat meat after the disease was partially linked to a Wuhan marketplace that sold live animals.

China banned wildlife import and export in 2020.

April 2011 saw the Guangdong cities Zhuhai and Shenzhen ban pets and animals from their streets. These were the first Chinese towns to ban cats or dogs.

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Source: RTL Today – Paw patrol: Chinese police rescue 150 cats from being taken to dinner tables

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