Do you have a PAW Patrol lover in your home? Here’s how to throw a PAW Patrol party on a budget, including decoration and food ideas!

I must admit, I was quite excited when Allison mentioned that she wanted a Paw Patrol party for her 4th Birthday.

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Year 3 was Snow White, and while that was a ton of fun, I’m glad she changed her mind from Cinderella. There’s only so much you can do with Princess themes.

Just like last year, I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on fancy decorations; and doing a Paw Patrol party on a budget is totally doable!

Here’s a list of things I bought and the food I made- including a FREE food label for you to print for your own Paw Patrol party!

Image of party decorations in a house

The Decorations

As you know, you can totally go crazy buying the licensed streamers, games, party favors… anything that places like Party City offers. And while those are fun, those aren’t always in my budget!

We were having a low-key party with just family, and so I didn’t necessarily need all the fancy stuff.

It just so happens that I had leftovers Red, blue and yellow streamers from Allison’s Snow White party; and those colors happen to be Paw Patrol colors, as well!

I spent practically zero dollars on a simple streamer decor. They were originally purchased from Dollar Tree last summer, which is a great place to buy single-color decorations.

Image of dog-themed party food

The Food

Paw Patrol is dog-themed and I knew I wanted something fun for food.

Dollar Tree once again saved the day with containers, to be exact. Dog food bowls made from real ingredients and treat jars! How cute are these?

Fun fact: at the checkout line, the cashier asked if we got a new puppy. Nope, just a mom with a crazy idea for a Paw Patrol birthday party!

I’ll admit, a lot of the food ideas here I found on Pinterest; but I created the food labels, which I just printed, cut out,And glued onto Construction paper. Here’s the food I ended up making:

  • Fetch sticks: Long pretzel rods
  • Chew toys Twizzlers
  • Dog bones: Scooby Snack graham crackers (These are SO cute! These are perfect for a dog party.
  • Crackers, cheese, and pupperoni: Deli meat and cheese were cut using a Cookie cutter for dog bone cookies I found on Amazon. I collect cookie cutters, you should see my drawer!
  • Puppy dip Apple slices with a peanut butter yogurt dip (1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup peanut butter, and 1 tablespoon honey).
  • Pup punch Hawaiian punch

These were very simple, but they were so creative! Scooby Snacks were a big hit. I heard from a few people that they were not eating real dog biscuits.

If dog biscuits tasted a lot like cinnamon graham crackers I might even start eating them!

Image of a Paw Patrol birthday cake

As far as the cake goes, we actually got ours from Sam’s Club. They totally make the best cakes, and we always get their whipped frosting because it’s just perfect!

You may want to buy a cake if there are a lot of people attending your party. But you can still make your own cakes or cupcakes! Pinterest is a great place to find cool ideas, which is where I got my inspiration for this party!).

If you’re looking for a simple Paw Patrol party on a budget, the ideas above will help you stay on track.

I believe I spent less than $50 on the decorations and food (minus the cake, which was $23 at Sam’s Club), and we had 18 people at the party. It was a simple birthday party, not bad at all!

I’ve included my Paw Patrol labels for you to print below. It’s a single PDF file that includes the food names that you see above, as well as a blank label you can write on yourself.

They’re 5.5″ wide and 4.5″ tallKeep that in mind as you shop for your construction paper.

What are your Paw Patrol birthday food ideas? Comment below!

Is your child a huge fan of Paw Patrol? Here's how to do a Paw Patrol party on a budget to help you save money and serve creative food!


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