Vue Cinemas hosts Paw Patrol in July.

Ryder, Chase, Marshall Skye, and the rest the paw patrol are for ‘Mission: Big Screen,’We will embark upon a journey through Adventure Bay.

The screening will feature Paw Patrol episodes favorites, as well as a sneak peak at Paw Patrol’s newest adventures and interactive activities.

Vue Cinemas exclusively shows Paw Patrol movies

Air Pups – When Volcano island erupts, the pups have to take to the skies. Can they fly to rescue Francois, Cap’n Turbot and a family of monkeys?

Tracker joins the Pups. Ryder and the pups travel to the jungle to help Carlos move a relic to its museum. Tracker saves Ryder when he falls into a pit. Tracker, a large-eared dog named Tracker, saves Carlos.

Pups Raising the PAW Patroller – Daring Danny’s back! The pups succeed in raising their rig after Danny sinks the Paw Patroller.

Vue’s exclusive screening will be at all venues nationwide on August 9, 15, and 16 July. Tickets cost £3.99.

Vue cinemas are available in Surrey

Farnborough:Vue Cinemas – Kingsmead Shopping Centre, Queensmead GU14 7SR StainesTwo Rivers, Mustardmill Rd Staines TW18-5BL Camberley:The Atrium, Park St. Camberley, GU153PL

Tickets are available here

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Source: Paw Patrol Mission: Big Screen to be exhibited exclusively at Vue Cinemas

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