Oscar Isaac Hosted Saturday Night Live this week, and nothing was off-limits, including the kid’s show Paw Patrol. Isaac, a father of small children, played Herb Tangier, a councilman who was fed up with the Paw Patrol. Why? Because they’re dogs, and none of the dogs are helping the citizens of Adventure Bay at all.

This sketch clearly was inspired by Paw Patrol viewers. I know this feeling because I have seen it with my own children. It’s hard to imagine what it must have been like for parents watching it.

The town of Adventure Bay is run by Ryder, a ten year old boy, and his dog group. They represent all emergency services. Problem? The problem? Herb Tangier used all of the concerned citizens in his video against Adventure Bay’s mayor (played: Ego NwodimAsk the same questions as any Adventure Bay adult. What happens if a man is on bath salts and your face is scalded?


The entire sketch reads very much as though, in the writers’ room, one parent complained about having to watch Paw Patrol, and it spiraled into everyone talking about the city of Adventure Bay and these dogs and just kept going from there. This seems like a time-honored tradition passed down by each generation — I’m sure parents also wanted to know how a dog was solving puzzles in Blue’s Clues.

What’s so funny about this sketch is that Herb isn’t trying to do anything bad. He’s simply pointing out the logistical issues of having a ten-year-old be in charge of emergency services. As when the water dog tried to help his sister, who was pregnant.Cecily Strong) give birth because her “water” broke. This poor town simply wants more dogs on patrol and someone in charge who is familiar with certain crimes. Maybe they want cats instead. Adventure Bay needs your help to fix their Paw Patrol situation for Herb Tangier.


“It’s important to encourage kids to be weirdos. Because every once in a while, one of those weirdos grows up to host SNL.”


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Source: Oscar Isaac Desperately Wants To Save Adventure Bay From Paw Patrol

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