“PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, We’ll be there on the double!”

The PAW Patrol song will be familiar to parents with young children. They are already flocking to the PAW Patrol Experience at Dallas’ CAMP Store.

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CAMP is a network of permanent retail shops (selling) that you may be unfamiliar with. Children’s toys Each CAMP location has a variety of themed experiences that are customizable for each family. Each CAMP location includes: a canteen (café), an interactive space for play and shopping, and a theatre for activities and program

ming for childrenFamilies of all ages CAMP was designed to inspire and engage families. CAMP is a combination of play and product. This means that you have a lot of fun things to do and tons of fun products.

You can take it home. It’s a clever idea: a toy store elevated to the next level with entertainment for your kidsThis site is designed to encourage you to shop in-store instead of online.

Camp is a retailer that sells clothing primarily. image courtesy of camp dallas| image courtesy of camp dallas

The original concept was developed by Ben Kaufman (co-founder) and Nikki Kaufman (opening in Dallas at the beginning of 2019).

CAMP Dallas (located in Dallas at 9830 North Central Expressway) has reopened Adventure Bay, the playground of the PAW Patrol.

Inside The Incredible PAW Patrol Experience At CAMP In Dallas, It's Puptastic!Adventure Bay is your home! Camp dallas’ Inside paw patrol experience. Visitors are greeted by adventure bay’s iconic lookout tower | image courtesy of camp dallas

Paw Patrol Experience is a special place for Paw Patrol fans. Here they can enjoy the immersive Paw Patrol Experience. Kids of all ages are welcome to join in the fun and create rescue teams using themed environments, games or other activities that honor their favorite canine group.

While CAMP’s interactive play/interactive spaces were free in the past. Entry to Adventure Bay and PAW PatrolTickets are available for experiences. Tickets for all ages are $15 each. (Buy tickets here.

Inside The Incredible PAW Patrol Experience At CAMP In Dallas, It's Puptastic!There’s a zipline inside paw patrol courtesy of camp dallas| courtesy of camp dallas

Arriving at CAMP, you may think you’re in the wrong place: the main door leads you into a toy store. But wait … you’ll find the PAW Patrol Experience hiding behind a secret door – a wall which looks like a book shelf rotates inwards to reveal a secret passageway to Adventure Bay!

Shopping can be combined with endless play opportunities at Camp Dallas’ brand new paw patrolExperience | courtesy of camp dallas

Once inside, your child will receive a lanyard. Each shield represents an individual from the PAW Patrol. And then, well, then you’ll probably lose your child into the madness and mayhem as they zip and explore, run, jump, slide and dance enjoying multiple different PAW Patrol-themed gamesActivities

Highlights from PAW Patrol ExperienceInside The Incredible PAW Patrol Experience At CAMP In Dallas, It's Puptastic!

Highlights of the PAW Patrol Experience at CAMP Dallas include:

Adventure Bay’s iconic Lookout Tower, where kidsAn intercom system allows you to communicate with each other throughout the experience. The Lookout Tower features a soft foam slide as well as large screens showing PAW Patrol. You can also use a lot of brightly colored buttons. KidsConnect can be used to erase a colorful projection at City Hall.

To put out an out-of-control fireworks display at city hall Paw patrol can be used by children with hoses. experience at camp dallas

Inside PAW Patrol Experience at CAMP, you’ll also find lots to buy. CAMP is a retail shop where you can go inside the shop to experience the experience and then take it home. This means that you can find PAW Patrol memorabilia and hands-on activities in the PAW Patrol Experience. toysEverything you could want.

Inside The Incredible PAW Patrol Experience At CAMP In Dallas, It's Puptastic!There’s lots of shopping opportunities inside the paw patrol experience at camp dallas

PAW Patrol Experience at CAMP

WHERE:CAMP at the 9830 North Central Expressway in Dallas


Open through to the end of OctoberEntries available from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

COST:$15 per person (under 2 are included free).

TICKETS camp.com/paw-patrol

This video features a local family sharing their experiences and gives you an interactive experience Tour of the PAW PatrolCAMP Dallas is your place to be.

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