Horsepower was the last week, but now it’s all about dog power! Join your favorite PAW Patrol members for their fastest mission. PAW Patrol Grand Prix now available on Android, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Fresh from their exploits in PAW Patrol the Movie: Adventure CityCallsAs Chase, Skye and Marshall compete for the Pup Cup, you can join them. Take in the sights and sounds of iconic PAW Patrol locations including Adventure Bay, The Jungle and Jake’s Snowboarding Resort and drive round them at awesome speeds. Mayor Humdinger has placed many obstacles in your way to slow you down.

PAW Patrol Grand Prix also offers a split screen for four players that allows you to compete with family and friends for the prize money. Auto-acceleration can be used to assist little ones on the track. The big kids can also use the hard mode to level the playing field.

The best thing about PAW Patrol: Grand Prix is that it launches directly into Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Cloud Gaming subscribers can also enjoy this game instantly!

For everyone else, PAW Patrol: Grand Prix is on the Xbox Store now priced at £34.99. It contains 11 tracks, and it’s a lot of fun. Let us know in comments if this is something you’re interested in. Keep checking back for more information.

Game description

No track is too short or too long!   Race around Adventure Bay with all your favorite PAW Patrol pups and up to 4 players at once – but look out for the obstacles left by mischievous Mayor Humdinger!  WIN THE PUP CUP  The PAW Patrol are on their fastest mission yet – To win the Pup Cup! Drive around iconic locations including Adventure Bay, Jake’s Snowboarding Resort and The Jungle to find out who will be crowned the winner.   4-PLAYER CHAMPIONSHIP   Play with friends in this multiplayer championship, where you can pick any of your favorite pups including Chase, Skye or Marshall. Mayor Humdinger could be lurking just around the corner, and make your race into a complete disaster!   COLLECT PUP TREATS  Give your pup power ups including water balloons, snowballs, and confetti blasts. Plus, unlock special character skills such as Chase’s siren to slow down the racers around you. FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES  This kart racer includes an easy control option for little ones with auto-acceleration to guide them around the track, as well as a hard mode for experienced track stars.   You and your best friend could have a great race around eleven tracks!

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