Do you find yourself bored of watching your kids’ TV shows, but not knowing anything about the characters?  Your kids will love them, but sometimes you might want to know more so that you can be more involved.  That is the reason we created our own Paw Patrol Wiki page  We’re here to help! (The pups often use this phrase, so be aware that there may be a test near the end of this post. This series will discuss the most popular programs of your children and provide you with all the details you need.

Paw Patrol, a Canadian TV Series created by Keith Chapman became very popular with children. The show follows rescue dogs that are based upon real-life professional careers.  You can watch the TV series on Nickelodeon in the USA, and there are live events in selected cities around the world. A few movies are also available on DVD, so you can watch them together whenever you want!

Now let’s get to know the pups from the shore side community of Adventure Bay so you can impress your kids.  We have included pictures as well as gifs for your convenience.

Ryder, a ten-year-old boy, is the leader of PAW Patrol characters.  He leads the PAW Patrol’s missions and builds all the equipment they need, including every vehicle. He is creative and highly intelligent.

Chase is a serious German shepherd and serves as the police/spy dog. A natural born leader, he’s the second hand man, err.. dog in charge of the team. He’s a faithful pup as he wants to keep his friends and community safe. He’s unfortunately extremely allergic to cats!

Marshall, a Dalmatian Dalmatian, is the trusty firefighter/medic for the group. He is the joker in the group.  He is easily excited and can collide with his friends frequently.

Skye is an adorable Cockapoo (a cocker spaniel and poodle mix for those aren’t too savvy with dog breeds – I had to google it, too) She loves to fly in her helicopter or with the wings in her pup pack.  Ironically, she has a fear of eagles, but is very brave, nonetheless, in all of her missions. She is also very competitive in the natural world.

Everest, a Siberian Husky snow rescue dog and intelligent Siberian Siberian Siberian Siberian Siberian Siberian Husky, enjoys digging holes and eating liver-flavored foods (Yum !!!).). She lives at Adventure Bay’s ski resort and is just a short call away when needed.  She is a reliable person!

Rubble is an English bulldog who is small and strong. He loves to work on construction. Rubble is a hard worker because he loves to get down and dirty. After Chase took Rubble on a mission, Rubble was found as a stray and was adopted by the Patrol.

Zuma is a sweet chocolate Labrador puppy who loves to rescue water. It is no surprise that Zuma also loves surfing. Zuma has an acceptable, but not unusual, fear of ghosts. His hovercraft is cool and can be converted to a submarine.

Tracker is a bilingual Chihuahua, who works in jungle rescue. He’s not a fan of being left alone in the dark and lives with his human caretaker.


Rocky is a mixed breed, unlike the rest. Rocky is passionate about recycling and being environmentally friendly. He loves to re-purpose things while proclaiming his love for recycling. “why trash it when you can stash it”.  He is afraid of water because he prefers to be outdoors as much as possible.

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