At just five-years-old, Amyra Sheikh has completed an impressive six charity runs and raised a whopping £2,000 for charity.

She is determined and determined to help others who are less fortunate than her, and she recently ran to raise money to support Children’s Cancer North. The selfless schoolgirl won a National Award at a Special PAW Patrol Awards Ceremony held in London.

The PAW Patrol Awards is a recognition of children from the UK that have overcome personal difficulties, done extraordinary feats, or shown extraordinary kindness and bravery. Amyra, NewcastleAfter hearing thousands of stories from their loved ones about the extraordinary, often emotional achievements of their children, he was among six children who received an award.

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Amyra was presented with the award ‘The Marshall Award For Community Hero’ at the ceremony at London’s Soho Hotel. Each award was named in honor of a Paw Patrol character.

Nazmin Akthar, Nazmin’s mother, said: “Amyra is only five years old so she naturally has a limited level of understanding of what poverty means, or about serious illnesses such as cancer. However, she knows enough to understand that those affected – and their loved ones – need our support.

Amyra, a five-year-old girl from London, won ‘The Marshall Award as Community Hero’ at The PAW Patrol Awards for London for her determination in helping others who are sick or less fortunate than her.

“She has shown empathy and a desire to want to make things better and as adults, I feel we have a duty to encourage these values so that young children can grow up to make positive differences in the future. For me, the nominations themselves are an opportunity to encourage these behaviours.

“The PAW Patrol Awards are a way for people to be more aware of the issues and to encourage their peers.”

The event was hosted on October 8 by Vogue Williams, a celebrity podcast host, presenter, and mum-of-3, who was joined at the event by her children and a host other celebrity families like Shelby Tribble, Patricia Bright, Lauren Goodger, Imogen Thomas, and Patricia Bright.

Netmums, a parenting site, helped to select six winners in each category. This included an award for kindness and leadership, as well as caring for the planet. Each category was based upon PAW Patrol characters’ key character attributes of the popular.

The winners received a VIP trip to London and were presented with their awards from Paw Patrol characters. They were also given Paw Patrol toys and tickets to Nickelodeon Land.

Nazmin said: “Although academic achievements are important and should not be overlooked, sometimes they can be at the cost of other important achievements or actions that make a difference within our communities. It is important to instill critical thinking and good citizenship in children from a young age. I was happy to discover that the PAW Patrol Awards are focused on that goal – encouraging positive attributes and values such as courage, leadership, and community spirit.

Amyra, a five-year-old girl from London, won ‘The Marshall Award as Community Hero’ at The PAW Patrol Awards for London for her determination in helping others who are sick or less fortunate than her.

She added: “I was very impressed with how welcoming and accessible the award ceremony was for all; it was tailored to be suitable for children and it was clear that a lot of care had taken by the organisers to ensure families were as comfortable as possible.

“The sweetest moment for me was when Amyra ran to Skye to give her a hug after receiving her trophy – she was over the moon at being able to meet the PAW Patrol characters. It was also very moving to hear about the incredible achievements of these young winners.

“They are all incredibly inspiring and it gives me a lot of hope about the future of the world after seeing a group of such kind, courageous and caring heroes.”

Amyra was also among those who were honored. Hari, a five year-old boy from Newham in London, won The Rubble Award for Courage for overcoming the diagnosis and treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Hari has had to endure grueling treatment the past 18 month. During this time, Hari lost his ability to walk.

He is now a keen rider and has reached the tops on high hills through sheer determination.

The Skye Award for Kindness was presented to Esme, a four year-old girl from Pembroksehire, Wales. Esme, a girl with Neurofibromatosis Type 1, has chosen to help others through raising funds for Nervetumours UK over many decades via sponsored slides or pop-up shops. Raffles and donations of her personal items.

The Ryder Award for Sporting Achievement was won by four-year-old Milo from Northern Ireland, who has bravely overcome the physical restrictions of his Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy to win a running race at his nursery’s sports day! Milo has a condition that makes it difficult for him to walk longer distances in a wheelchair. But after all his treatment was cancelled during covid Milo’s parents decided to make their own physiotherapy obstacle courses at their home.

Milo persevered with courage until he learned to walk, stand, and run.

Sennen, a nineyear-old West Sussex girl who raised funds for brain cancer charities and raised awareness about the disease since her dad’s diagnosis in 2018, won the Chase Award for leadership. At the age of five she organised a 32-person 2k fun run raising over £5,000 and more recently has introduced the annual “wear a hat day”She will be attending school in order to raise additional awareness and funds.

Zakariya, five-year-old girl from Nottingham won the Rocky Award for Caring for Our Planet. She lives by Rocky’s motto “Don’t lose it, reuse it!”He often makes toys out of cardboard boxes and other scrap materials. He works to clean up the environment and reduce single-use plastic.

Vogue Williams made the following statement about the awards: “It has been an honour to be involved in the PAW Patrol Awards this year. The children are truly inspirational and I’m so proud and humbled to be able to shine a spotlight on their achievements at this fantastic ceremony today.”

Venetia from Paramount said: “The 2022 PAW Patrol Award winners embody the bravery and sense of adventure of the characters that we all know and love from the show. It’s an honour to be learn more about the special little heroes and to provide them with the recognition which they so deserve.

“It was magical to see their smiles and feel the pride in their faces when they received their awards today from their favorite PAW Patrol Pups!

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Source: Five-year-old Special Paw Patrol-themed ceremony wins Newcastle national fundraising award

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