Children absolutely LOVE Paw Patrol (and, if we’re honest, so do we here at Rainbow Productions!).

PAW Patrol is so beloved that there have been four seasons! In September 2017, PAW Patrol’s fourth season was sold.

If you’re not familiar with Paw Patrol (and even if you are!You can watch the below clip of a Paw Patrol episode.

The farm is a great place to raise the pups! See what happens when Alex and Marshall use too much fertiliser…

Video of paw patrol

Paw Patrol is light-hearted, fun, and has educational elements.

The PAW Patrol helps children learn three essential life skills:

  • Teamwork!
  • Problem-solving
  • Good Citizenship

What’s the harm in that?

All paw patrol characters can love! That’s why we simply Had to have a few in amongst our character mascots at Rainbow Productions!

Rainbow Productions Paw Patrol Characters – Names


First, let’s introduce the Paw Patrol characters we have here at Rainbow Productions…



We thought we’d start with Marshall since we have just seen him in the above clip!


He’s actually the 3rd team member of the pup patrol characters, and also known as fire pup and medic pup.


His jobs? His duties include checking for flames and extinguishing them. He also has to rescue animals from high places with his ladder. He must also scan the people with his Xrayscreen to ensure that there aren’t any broken bones. He can also apply bandages to people, but sometimes he goes too far.

He is a Dalmatian. He is very energetic and a little clumsy. He’s often caught saying “I’m okay!”After a bump, or a fall.

His uniform red and he’s a bit on the silly side.




Chase is Paw Patrol’s second member and is a German Shepherd. He is athletic, and loves to take charge.

He is a traffic and police officer dog. Season 2 of Paw Patrol will see him become a spy canine.

His main role is: His main job is to drive the traffic truck, and keep it running smoothly. He must also warn traffic and direct it in the event of an incident.

Chase is a more serious character, and he wears dark-blue uniforms.

He loves to take charge of situations but he is allergic to cats and feathers (so not much help when they’re around!).




 Rubble is Rubble. He is an English Bulldog.

He may be the youngest member of pup patrol, but he is very hungry!

Paw Patrol team member 6 wears a yellow uniform. Rubble drives the construction truck that looks almost like it is a bulldozer.

He is big and strong but absolutely terrified of spiders (aren’t we all?!). He is also very emotionally (awh!).

Rubble may have been a stray in his past. This makes us feel even more attached to him. Rubble is a great character-mascot for charity events.


He is playful, and he loves kittens!





Skye is a female femalecockapoo and the first female member of PAW Patrol!


She is the pilot and responsible for transporting the team members from one place or another. Her helicopter landings look amazing!


Pink is her primary color. She is affectionate and emotionally connected.


All Paw Patrol names: This is a list of all Paw Patrol characters


This YouTube video shows all Paw Patrol characters.

A list of Paw Patrol characters


  • Ryder (Human)
  • Marshall (Dalmatian).
  • Rubble (Bulldog)
  • Chase (German Shepherd).
  • Rocky (Mongrel)
  • Zuma (Chocolate Labrador Retriever)
  • Skye (Cockapoo).


Paw Patrol welcomes new members

  • Cap’tn Turbot (Marine biologist)
  • Everest (Siberian husky)
  • Tracker (Brown Chihuahua, White Chihuahua).
  • Robo Dog- (A robotic dog- couldn’t tell from his name of course..).



Questions about Paw Patrol

  1. Ryder from Paw Patrol Ryder has a 10 year old age.
  2. What does Zuma in Paw Patrol mean? Zuma is an Arabic word that means peace.
  3. Is Zuma a girl? No. Zuma is a male chocolate Labrador puppy.
  4. Apollo is the Paw Patrol’s Apollo. He is a super-pup and can fly!
  5. Is Everest a boy or a girl? Girl.
  6. Chase from Paw Patrol: How old do they look? 7.
  7. Paw Patrol Tracker: A chihuahua.
  8. How old is Paw Patrol and Rubble? 5.
  9. How old is Skye in Paw Patrol? 7.
  10.  Who is Alex on Paw Patrol? Alex is a boy between 5 and 6 years old who wants Paw Patrol to help him.


Who are the 11 PAW Patrol Members?

The 11 pups that are part of the PAW Patrol crew include:

Full-Time Members:

  • Chase
  • Everest
  • Marshall
  • Rocky
  • Rubble
  • Skye
  • Tracker
  • Zuma

Part-Time Members:

What are the names for the new PAW Patrol characters,

Everest the Siberian Husky is the new name of PAW Patrol’s newest characters, while Tracker the Chihuahua is the new name. There are two new characters on the show that are not puppies, they are Cap’n Turbot’s, a marine biologist, and Robo-Dog, a robotic dog designed and built by Ryder.

What is the boy on PAW Patrol’s name?

Ryder is the name given to the 9-year old boy who is the leader in the PAW Patrol.

Which PAW Patrol character is most popular?

It is difficult to determine which PAW Patrol character is the most popular. They all seem to have a lot of fans who love them. A survey recently placed Chase at number one, but only by a very narrow margin.

Source: See the details about Paw Patrol Characters

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