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It’s time for holiday shopping for children. Amazon offers many deals, even before Black Friday. Prime Early Access sale! We’ve curated a list of more than 20 of the best gifts from top toy brand Melissa & Doug—and they’re all fantastic deals on toys that are available at Amazon, making for a great opportunity to get ahead and save on your holiday gift shopping for kids right now, before the popular toys are sold out.

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Melissa & Doug recently diversified their product line to include Toys for infantsMany of these we’ve included below. We’re here to help you find the perfect gift, no matter what age your child is. Cars, CraftsOr Dramatic playYou can then jump to your favorite category.

  1. Play food
  2. Play pretend
  3. Learning toys
  4. Arts & crafts
  5. Baby toys

Holiday gift guides for 2022This holiday gift guide is for everyone!

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1. Café Barista Coffee Shop

Best Melissa & Doug toys: Coffee shop

Because they love you, they will make you a latte. The Café Barista Coffee ShopThis allows children to play the role as the customer or barista. It has a built-in drink dispenser, drinkmaker, and pastries.

Amazon: $120

2. Ice cream counter with scoop and serve

Best Melissa & Doug toys

This Melissa & Doug favorite is for Ice cream lovers: The 28-piece Wooden Scoop and Ice Cream Counter set includes eight scoops of ice cream and six toppings to create any ice cream cone combination their imaginations are craving. The scooper can lift, stack and release scoops. Multiple Reviewed editors’ kids own and love this adorable play set — Managing Editor of Commerce Jennifer Ernst Beaudry calls this set “the single best toy we bought for our kids”Und sie! “go-to gift.”

Amazon: $45

3. Pizza Play Food Set

Best Melissa & Doug toys: Pizza set

The Theatrical Pizza Maker turns playtime into pizza night Pizza Play Food Set. Six slices of wooden can be decorated with pepperoni and mushroom toppings. Velcro tabs make it easy to attach. The wooden box can store a tray, a slicer and a spatula.

Amazon: $20

Best Melissa & Doug toys

4.Fresh Mart Grocery Store Freestanding

Best Melissa & Doug toys: Grocery Store

Kids love filling up those mini shopping carts at the grocery store with all of their favorite snacks, and with the freestanding Fresh Mart Grocery Store, they can create their own food shopping experience right at home. Include the Play Food Companion Set to fill up the shelves, and a toy Shopping cart to load up on all the goodies.

Amazon: $236

5. Modern Multi-Level Dollhouse

Best Melissa & Doug toys: Dollhouse

This adorable, five-room dollhouse makes a great upgrade for doll play. Modern Multi-Level Dollhouse. The dollhouse stands more than two feet tall and comes fully furnished with 19 pieces of hand-painted wooden doll furniture, working doors and drawers.

Amazon Prime: $190

6. Vroom & Zoom Interactive Dashboard

Best Melissa & Doug toys: Dashboard

Children love the idea behind the wheel. Vroom & Zoom Interactive Dashboard makes it possible—without any traffic jams.  A realistic steering wheel is mounted on a wooden dashboard with a key start, gear shift, lights and even a scrolling GPS to stay on course. Included is a cute mouse. Paw Patrol version for fans of the popular kids’ show.

Amazon: $56

7. Magnetic Car Loader

Best Melissa & Doug toys: Magnetic car loader

The Magnetic Car LoaderThis set is ideal for kids who love all things related to wheels. The set comes with one red truck, one trailer and four numbered, brightly colored cars to inspire counting and sorting. The magnetic arm on the truck can lift and load the cars, giving kiddos some hand-eye coordination practice while they play.

Amazon: $19

8. Chef’s Play Kitchen

Best Melissa & Doug toys

Some toys will be tossed in the matter of weeks or months, but a quality play kitchen is a gift that can be loved and actually used for years. This wooden play-kitchen can be used for many years. Chef’s Play Kitchen includes an oven, stove, microwave, sink and refrigerator and even a working ice dispenser! Two play ice cubes can be added to the innovative icemaker.

Amazon: $204

9. Beauty Salon Playset

Best Melissa & Doug toys

Playing “beauty salon”This stunning pink gives a beloved childhood pastime a new lease. Beauty Salon Playset. Let them role play as a hairstylist, makeup artist, manicurist or client with this 18-piece kit, including a tabletop vanity with a storage drawer and all the tools they need for a glamorous pretend makeover.

Amazon: $56

10. Pet Vet Play Set – Examine and Treat

Best Melissa & Doug toys

At some point during childhood, almost every kid says they want to be a veterinarian when they grow up. Gift them some early training with the Play Set for Pet Vets: Examine and Treat that comes with 24-pieces of play vet medical equipment, including a tote bag for storage and even two brave patients—a plush dog and cat.

Amazon: $36

Best Melissa & Doug toys

11. Wooden Building Blocks Set

Best Melissa & Doug toys

Building blocks are one of the simplest, yet most versatile and educational toys a child can have. The building blocks can be used by children to learn how to share their toys with siblings or other friends. Wooden Building Block SetIt is a classic way to stimulate imaginations. 

Amazon Prime: $24

12. Band-in-a-Box Musical  Instrument Set

Best Melissa & Doug toys

You should be able to bring the band together using the Band-in-a Box Musical Instrument Set. The little rock star in your life will bang, clap and shake to the beat of their own drum, while discovering different tones and rhythms and helping to develop an ear—(and possibly a passion)—for music.

Amazon: $26

13. Take Along Toolkit

Best Melissa & Doug toys

Get down to the nuts and bolts of pretend play with the Take along a tool kit. This is a practical, fun gift that kids will love. “fixing”Things around the house. You can have hours of fun with the screwdriver, hammer, and wooden nails that are child size.

Amazon: $15

14. USA Map Floor Puzzle

Best Melissa & Doug toys

This brightly colored jigsaw puzzle can be equally educational and fun. Kids learn state names and capitals while putting the pieces of the 51-piece Puzzle: USA Map Floor together.

Amazon: $13

Best Melissa & Doug toys

15.Deluxe Double-Sided Tabletop Easel

Best Melissa & Doug toys: Easel

Young artists can explore their creativity in countless ways with the Deluxe Double-Sided Tapletop Easel. The easel features a dry-erase board on one side and a chalkboard on the other, along with a paper roll, a dry erase marker, five pieces of chalk, an eraser and 36 number and letter magnets. Its compact size fits in any room, but if space allows, the Deluxe Standing Art EaselBudding artists have another great option.

Amazon: $21

16. Bead Bouquet Deluxe Bead Set

Best Melissa & Doug toys: bead set

Let their love of crafting blossom with the Bead Bouquet Deluxe Bead Set.This jewelry kit comes with eight cords and 220 bead. It comes in a variety fun shapes like flowers, hearts, or butterflies.

Amazon: $13

17. My First Wooden Stamp Set 

Best Melissa & Doug toys

This Set of stampsYou’ll brighten up any child’s day with eight cheerful designs: balloons and rainbows, kitten, puppy teddy bears, cupcakes, flowers, butterflies, and teddy bears. Included are two washable inkpads (one pink and one purple). 

Amazon: $13

Best Melissa & Doug toys

18.Multi-Sensory Basket Filling and Spill

Best Melissa & Doug toys: basket toy

Babies are naturally curious about food. Playfood is even more appealing to them. With the Market Basket Fill & Spill set, babies as young as six months old can sort, squeeze, fill and spill this basket of plush, sensory goodies. They’ll discover sounds and textures with a chiming plush milk bottle, a crinkling head of lettuce, a rattling tomato and a squeaking carrot. Want more? You can also find a super cute website version. Fill and spill taco-themed toy.

Amazon $22

19. Natural Play Book Tower

Best Melissa & Doug toys: book tower

The Natural Playbook Tower comes with ten chunky little books that can be read by an adult, and stacked and played with like building blocks by a baby. They are made from recycled materials, and come in a box with a handle that allows for easy transport and storage.

Amazon: $15

20. Wooden Ocean Slide by Rollables

Best Melissa & Doug toys

You will have an ocean-themed adventure with this. Rollables Wooden Ocean Slide. Three rollable toys (shark, crab and octopus) are easy for small hands to grasp, and firm enough to be dropped down the funnel and roll down the wavy slide, encouraging sensory, fine motor and problem-solving skills.

Amazon: $55

21. Set of Pull-Back Cars

Best Melissa & Doug toys

The Set of Pull-Back VehiclesIt includes a school bus and a family car, as well as a fa-ire truck and a police car. They are lightweight, soft and easy to lift and roll. There’s also a cool rev-up mechanism in each one, so when they pull it back and release, the car zooms across the floor.

Amazon: $25

Holiday gifts 2022 shopping guide

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