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New from the heels “Paw Patrol: The Movie”Paw Patrol’s new featuresThere are many toys available. You can find everything you need, from playmats to dress up police cruisers to playmats, for your child to have fun with. These items sell quickly so grab them before they are gone!

Here are 20 Top Paw PatrolHere are some tips to get you started. Adventure Bay toys are sure to be a hit this holiday season.

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1. Paw Patrol Movie Tower

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

It draws comparisons to Barbie Dream House, and it’s easy to see why. The Adventure Bay clubhouse replica stands three feet tall and includes an elevator and a transforming rescue ramp that lights up when activated. The set comes with a personalized keychain. “Dream Car”—which is a replica of Chase’s police cruiser—as well as a half dozen action figures that any Paw Patrol fan will be sure to love.

Get the Paw Patrol Movie Tower at Amazon for $129

2. Marshall’s Transforming City Fire Truck

Best Paw Patrol toys: Marshall’s Transforming City Fire Truck.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

If Marshall is a favorite in your house, you’ll want to have the popular Dalmatian’s companion fire truck, which comes with an extending ladder that rotates 360 degrees, as well as a cannon launcher that sends the included blue “water”(Plastic projectiles that fly when activated. Several reviewers noted that the truck is solidly built, which seems like it could come in handy with a toy that’s begging for heavy use.

Get Marshall’s Transforming City Fire Truck at Amazon for $43.99

3. Chase’s Transforming City Cruiser

Best Paw Patrol toys: Chase’s Transforming City Cruiser.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

Chase owns his own transforming vehicle. This transforms from a four-wheeled patrol vehicle to a motorcycle capable of tracking down criminals. It comes with batteries and you can choose to make lights or sounds for Chase as he takes to two-wheeled roads. For added fun, the set includes three yellow discs that can launch from the car’s body with the push of a button.

Get Chase’s Transforming City Cruiser at Amazon for $34.88

4. Total City Rescue Set

Best Paw Patrol toys: Total City Rescue Set.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

You can recreate three different scenes using the rotating launch mechanism. “Paw Patrol: The Movie”This set includes one Marshall-themed fire truck vehicle. The choose-your-own-adventure launcher sends the truck (or other vehicles sold separately) through the wall at obedience school, past the fireworks at City Hall or down the hill to capture Mayor Humdinger, so there’s always another adventure ahead.

Amazon offers the Total City Rescue Set at $39.97

5. Adventure City Play Mat

Best Paw Patrol toys: Adventure City Play Mat.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

It’s always nice when a toy makes for easy cleanup, and that’s true of this play mat, which folds up into a cube that also doubles as a carrying case for the included Marshall fire truck, Mayor Humdinger limo and scene-setting accessories. The mat can be used to create more scenes and is large enough for vehicles and characters (sold separately). The Paw Patrol fans will love the Adventure City Play Mat because it saves space and provides endless entertainment.

Amazon’s Adventure City Play Mat is $39.99

6. Transforming Paw Patroller

Best Paw Patrol toys: Transforming Paw Patroller.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

This semi-trailer is 28.5 in long and features flaps that turn an ordinary truck into two ramps. Ryder (included) or Ryder’s ATV (sold separately). They can both take off to save your day. This huge trailer can hold six vehicles and is a great choice for people who want to enjoy long-lasting entertainment.

Amazon has the Transforming Paw Patroller at $64.99

7. Movie Pups Gift Pack Action Figures

Best Paw Patrol toys: Movie Pups Gift Pack Action Figures.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

Looking for stocking stuffer options? This Paw Patrol figurine set includes six members of the OG Paw Patrol gang Chase, Marshall Rubble Skye Skye Zuma Rocky and Skye. The set is well-received by reviewers. “hard plastic”Characters are “durable”Enjoy both at home and on-the-go fun

Amazon has the Movie Pups Action Figures gift pack for $16.99

8. Chase Hero Paws

Best Paw Patrol toys: Chase Hero Paws.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

These plush replica paws slide over your child’s hands like gloves and are motion-activated, so they play 10 different sounds and phrases from “Paw Patrol: The Movie”When turned on.

Amazon’s Chase Hero Paws are only $14.97

9. Marshall Rescue Set

Best Paw Patrol toys: Marshall Rescue Set.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

Playtime doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when there’s dress-up involved, and this Marshall Rescue Set is a complete kit that comes with all the accessories your child will need to bring their favorite firefighting Dalmatian to life anywhere. The set includes a Paw Patrol badge and helmet, compass, megaphone, walkie-talkie, flashlight, map, flashlight, flashlight, megaphone, megaphone, flashlight, and megaphone. You can dress your little heroes however you like.

Amazon has Marshall Rescue Set starting at $14.84

10. Ryder’s Pup Pad

Best Paw Patrol toys: Ryder’s Pup Pad.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

The interactive tablet-style tablet includes 18 phrases from six Paw Patrol characters. There’s also a rotating wheel that lets users pick their favorite dog and start on fun missions. Once a character is selected, just push the red button to get started—the opportunities for imaginative play are endless.

Get Ryder’s Pup Pad at Amazon for $14.99

11. Melissa & Doug Paw Patrol Magnetic Pretend play

Best Paw Patrol toys: Melissa & Doug Paw Patrol Magnetic Pretend Play.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

This Melissa & Doug set is sure to keep your kids busy. You can customize the look of each Rubble, Skye, and Chase figurine by adding a variety of accessories. Eight mission cards on double-sided paper are also included, with story ideas and suggestions for outfits.

Amazon offers the Melissa & Doug Paw Patrol magnetic pretend play for $21.49

12. True Metal Gift Pack

Best Paw Patrol toys: True Metal Gift Pack.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and higher

Complete with six die-cast vehicles, the replicas in this set feature working wheels and include exclusive gold versions of Marshall’s fire truck and Rubble’s bulldozer—must-haves for any Paw Patrol collector. A poster will be sent to you to help track your True Metal collection. It includes the off-road and multicolor editions as well as the jetpack special editions. It’s worth noting in advance, however, that the True Metal-sized cars are not compatible with the Paw Patrol Tower, which utilizes larger cars with removable figurines.

Amazon’s True Metal Gift Pack is $19.99

13. Four-Game Adventure City Pack

Best Paw Patrol toys: Four-Game Adventure City Pack.

Recommendations to Ages: 4 and up

Inspired by “Paw Patrol: The Movie,” this gift set includes four engaging games for kids ages4 and above, including a 72-card matching game to test your youngster’s memory, 28 wooden dominoes—a guaranteed favorite if your kids love knocking things over—and a pop-up game. A lookout game lets players compete for the prize of a lookout. “action tokens”They are all around Adventure City. Each activity is intended to aid young minds. ChildrenPlay to Grow

Amazon offers the Four-Game Adventure City Pack starting as low as $19.99

14. Melissa & Doug Paw Patrol Scratch Art Bundle

Best Paw Patrol toys: Melissa & Doug Paw Patrol Scratch Art Bundle.

Recommendations to Ages: 5 and up

For the artistically inclined, Melissa & Doug offers a unique scratch art bundle that lets Paw Patrol fans create their own collectibles using the included dot-to-dot and stencil outlines. Each activity pad comes with its own wooden stylus, which reveals a colorful rainbow pattern when it’s used to scrape away the top film layer, so kidsYou can either follow the instructions or make your own designs. Each stylus also snaps into place on the pad, so you won’t lose tools between uses, and each book is spiral-bound, making for easy family fun while on the go.

Amazon’s Melissa & Doug Paw Patrol Scratch Art Bundle is $19.49

15. Mega Bloks Paw Patrol Pup Pack

Best Paw Patrol toys: Mega Bloks Paw Patrol Pup Pack.

 Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

Perfect for “junior builders,” this set comes with 13 mini building blocks your Paw Patrol fan can use to recreate the characters’ command center, complete with an escape slide so the pups can quickly hop into action when it’s time to save the day! In addition to the blocks, the building set includes three poseable figurines—Chase, Marshall and Skye—and all the pieces play nice with other Mega Bloks building toysThis makes it compatible with other popular sets that you might already own in your playroom or home.

Amazon’s Mega Bloks Paw Patrol Paup Pack is $19.99

16. Rescue Spiral Rescue Jet

Best Paw Patrol toys: Jet to the Rescue Spiral Rescue Jet.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

“Paw Patrol: The Movie”The handheld jet can transform from a handheld plane into a flying machine, with its wings that turn with the push a button. There are lights and sound effects. Two launchers can be raised to send rocket-like projectiles through space. The set also includes a Chase figurine.

Amazon offers the Jet to Rescue Spiral Rescue Jet for $39.99

17. Paw Patrol Finger Puppets

Best Paw Patrol toys: Paw Patrol Finger Puppets.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and higher

These simple finger puppets make a great stocking stuffer. They also inspire imagination. They can be used as storytime, playtime, or bathtime. And at just six bucks, you might even want to consider grabbing two, so you have extras on hand—er, on your fingers—when you need them.

Amazon has the Paw Patrol Finger Puppets at $5.99

18. VTech Liberty Learning Watch

Best Paw Patrol toys: VTech Liberty Learning Watch.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

A relative newcomer on the Paw Patrol scene, Liberty takes center stage with this digital watch, which comes loaded with four learning games that will help refine your child’s math, matching, memory and hand-eye coordination skills. You can also choose from three alarm tones or a stopwatch. It is available in Marshall and Chase editions.

Get the VTech Liberty Learning Watch at Amazon for $17.97

19. I’m Ready to Read with Chase Sound Book

Best Paw Patrol toys: I’m Ready to Read with Chase Sound Book.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

This book is a delight to young Paw Patrol fans. They’ll spend hours matching the icons to the buttons and pushing them to start the recordings as they flip the pages and follow along with the story—and you can see their development as a reader as a result. If you really want to mix it up, you can always add the companion I’m Ready to Read with Skye edition to the rotation, too.

Get the I’m Ready to Read with Chase Sound Book at Amazon for $7.99

20 Water Rescue Pack

Best Paw Patrol toys: Water Rescue Pack.

Recommendations to Ages: 3 and up

The Water Rescue Pack can hold 33 ounces of water, and can be used to spray up 30 feet. You can adjust the straps to ensure that your children have a snug fit as they grow.

Amazon sells the Water Rescue Pack at $15.33

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